Marinated Olives with our own Home-Made Bread Selection
Small £3.25  Large £4.95

Curried Parsnip Veloute £7.25
Crispy fried spiced onion bahji, coconut naan

Crispy Turkey, Sage & Pine nut Scotch Egg £9.50
Orange & pine nut salad, orange & cranberry pickle

Fish Fingers £9.25
Lemon crusted cod, sun blush tomato pickle, minted pea ketchup, crispy mussels

Textures of Cauliflower Cheese £7.25
Crispy cauliflower cheese fritters, puree, our own piccalilli & parmesan crisps V

Seared King Scallops & Crisp Pork Belly £11.00
Roasted shallot puree, bacon marmalade, pickled shallots

Pear, Barkham Blue & Caramelised Walnut Salad £7.25
Tossed with shredded snow peas, cider vinaigrette & borage V


Main Dishes

Pan Fried Loin of Lamb £18.50
On crushed peas, garlic potatoes, lamb shoulder fritters, minted roasting jus

Roast Fillet of Cod £17.50
Stir fried kale, mushroom gratin, roast shiitake, wild mushroom ketchup, new potatoes

Proper Herb & Garlic Chicken Kiev £17.50
With prosciutto, warm bacon slaw in caramelised honey dressing,
lyonnaise style potatoes, spiced tomato relish

Bacon Roasted Monkfish £19.50
chorizo, white beans, scallop garnish, sage & onion sauce

Char-Grilled Aged Fillet of Beef £24.50
Sliced over spinach, real chips, garlic roasted tomatoes, peppercorn sauce, roasted shallots

Roast Leek & Blue Cheese Wellington £15.50
Root vegetable gratin, pimento sauce & paprika rubbed polenta chips V

Medallions of Pork Fillet £18.50
Lightly smoked, baked apple, Savoy cabbage & bacon, creamed potato, chorizo sauce

Grilled Fillet of Sea Bass £18.25
On saffron mash, roasted & pickled fennel, tomato concasse, tarragon cream


Aged Fillet of Beef Wellington To Share (2 persons) £54.00
With dauphinoise potato, green beans, balsamic roasted shallots & Madeira jus
(24 hours notice is required)



Savoy cabbage & bacon £3.50 – Chunky chips £3.25
Garlic fried spinach £3.50 –  Dauphinoise Potato £4.00
Buttered green beans £3.50 –  New potatoes £3.00
Creamed potatoes £3.25  – Honey roast chantenay carrots £3.50

Tomato & Red Onion Salad dressed with pesto £3.25
Warm bacon slaw £3.50


All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20%




 White Chocolate Orange Cheesecake £7.00
Sticky oranges, marmalade sorbet & orange crisps

Mincemeat Bakewell Tart £7.00
Served warm with caramel anglaise & tangerine ice-creami

Buttermilk Panna Cotta £7.00
Cider poached pears & pistachio crumbs

Platter of Chocolate £9.50
Salted caramel brownie, white chocolate mousse, chocolate orange torte,
nutella ice-cream, chocolate vodka shake, marshmallow

Sticky Banana Pudding £7.00
Sticky toffee sauce, banoffee ice-cream

Ginger Wine & Apricot Croissant Pudding £7.00
Christmas pudding ice-cream & white chocolate custard

Selection of Local Farm Cheeses £9.25
barkham blue, ashmore & chaucers camembert served with our own chutney

A selection of our Own Homemade Ice-Creams £6.00
Choose 3 scoops from our list, shortbread biscuits


Drinks for Dessert


De Bortoli VAT 5 Botrytis Semillion 12%
Intense & complex 375ml Bottle £18.95 / 125ml Glass £7.25

Taylors 1985 20% Vintage Port 50ml Glass £11.50
Taylors 2009 20% Late Vintage Port 50ml Glass £5.75
Courvoiser 40% V.S. Brandy 25ml Glass £5.75

Liqueur hot chocolate  £6.50 .  Espresso martini  £8.50


 Coffees & Teas

Americano £2.80            Single Espresso £2.50
Latte £2.80                    Double Espresso £2.80
Cappuccino £2.80                Tea Selection £2.50
Decaffeinated £2.80         Liqueur Coffee £6.50